Meet Anna, a Swiss surfer who defied all odds growing up landlocked. With 12 years of riding waves under her belt, she has embarked on a thrilling journey, challenging herself with bigger and bolder swells. Having crossed paths with Anna a few years ago and staying connected through social media, I can’t help but be inspired by her incredible spirit.

One particular moment that left a lasting impression was seeing Anna surf a notable wave at Uluwatu in Bali. While I consider myself relatively fearless in the water, I have yet to attempt a wave of that size. This sparked my curiosity, leading me to interview Anna and learn more about her mindset and approach to surfing and training and why she likes to surf bigger waves.

Stay tuned as I uncover Anna’s journey, showcasing her dedication, passion, and the wisdom that has propelled her to go big or go home. 🌟🔥

Many nuggets of wisdom to take away from this conversation, so don’t miss out on it 🏄🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️😊

Anna surfing in Uluwatu, Bali

What we talk about:

  • Introduction, her favorite surf spot(s) and why she likes big waves
  • How her approach to improving her surfing changed over the last few years
  • If and how she has trained her surfing and mental abilities
  • What cakes got to do with it 😉
  • How she handles big wipe-outs
  • About our „inner coach“
  • How she feels when surfing bigger waves
  • About being one of the few / the only woman in male dominated line-ups
  • About „eating shit“ and „the good, the bad and the ugly“ (some more interesting talk about mindset)
  • About mental preparation
  • Anna’s advice for you guys
  • Her dreams and surf goals
  • And last but not least: About how your own vibe influences the line-up